How to Become an Instructor

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Review this document for eligibility criteria to become a Prepare To Care Instructor.

If you meet the criteria, sign up here to receive information about instructor trainings

If you are interested in becoming a Prepare to Care instructor, you can apply for announced trainings.

Training is offered as part of the Iowa Department of Public Health and College of Nursing Prepare to Care Direct Care Workforce Initiative. Both types of instructors will be trained (instructor requirements listed above). Every instructor must take two days of training: one day focused on Principles of Adult Learning and the other day focused on the modules which they are planning to teach. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria to review the types of instructors and associated modules. There is no cost for the instructor training, but individuals will be responsible for their own travel costs (mileage, meals, and lodging if needed).

Once you are ready:

  1. Create an account in the Training Source Learning Management System
  2. Apply for enrollment in the Prepare To Care Instructor course.